Digital nomads – finding a global community

I’ve spent the last week with a group of amazing people – digital nomads – on a cruise ship from Gran Canaria to Lisbon. The cruise was a combination of sightseeing, business conference and networking. We visited Tenerife, Lanzarote, Casablanca & Cadriz on the way – doing a lot of sightseeing, getting sore feet. Learning a lot.

We were 222 digital nomads from 38 different countries. The youngest was 16 years old, the oldest over 60. All off us loves to travel, to experience this wonderful planet, to meet amazing people and learn new things. It has been an eye opener for me being a part of this cruise.

I’ve found out there is a community out there with like-minded people. Travellers – or nomads – like me. Some have regular jobs but travel as much as possible, some work remotely, some have created their own business and are able to travel a lot. Some move from country to country living there a month or more at a time, some have a base and then travel to different places while working.

There are so many ways to live as a digital nomad – everybody has found their own way of doing it. There are nomad hubs all over the world. It is places where digital nomads meet, live and work. Lisbon is one of these hubs, Bali is another. Good to know when you travel alone.

I have talked to so many people, listening to their stories and they have listened to my story and heard about my project. This crowd is incredible innovative, creative, open and helpful. They represent all sorts of businesses – it, marketing, design, coaching, online training, influencers, retreats, e-sport, e-commerce – the list is long.

Once again, I got confirmation that my project is great – with a purpose and I just need to find a way to make a living out of it. Many people have said they want to help me – regarding sponsors, marketing and other stuff. I also got a lot of inspiration by participating in speaks and workshops.

It has been an intense week with a tight schedule from early morning until late night. Now I need to digest it all over the next weeks, re-connecting with people and making plans. While I’m in Portugal I will meet and interview some of the non-believers living here. I look forward to meet them.


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